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The Vision

Attention to detail is paramount to everything we do. As one of the fastest growing CGI studios in the North, we are committed to constantly and consistent improving our performance in every area.

The Problem

Inconsistent quality of work, lack of communication, miscommunication, prolonged timescales; these are just a few of the difficulties clients often have to deal with when opting for CGI services. We Are North Made have strict structures in place to eliminate these issues, whilst also offering improvements in other areas.

Why Us?

As a client centric studio, we feed off working closely with our clients to guarantee results. We invest time to generate a highly detailed creative brief for your project that certifies all key points are addressed, whilst still remaining open to additional opportunities that a project may also exploit.

Our carefully crafted workflows ensure a smooth process for our clients. Regular communication, cloud based feedback tools and clear timelines are just a few of the features our studio provides to streamline the CGI process.

We are the studio that brings your product to life.  We Are North Made.

Storytelling with Animation