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Product visualisation requires a structured approach to ensure each project produces photo-realistic visuals that hit targets, resulting in a final result that blurs the lines between reality and CGI.

Phase 1 - MEETING

We meet and discuss the brief.

Communication is key to a successful product visualisation project, helping to define it.
• What content is required?
• What is the purpose of content? 
• Who is the target Audience?
• What is the product’s price point?
• Are there any key deadlines?
• When is the final Deadline? 

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 1


The product visualisation process begins.

Draft CGI views are created to allow for aspects of the product visualisation to be accurately  created and reviewed by the client.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 2


We bring the product to life by adding textures, colours, lighting, reflections and various other CGI elements to create something outstanding.

Realism is key, the aim is to generate visuals that are true to life.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 3

Phase 4 - FEEDBACK

We request your feedback to perfect our visualisations.

Corrections, amendments and changes (within the original brief) can be made to the visualisations to help progress them to final stage.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 4


Once all amends are made the visualisation is complete and ready to be delivered.

The final step of our workflow is to provide the product CGI deliverables (images, animation, interactive elements, etc). 

Final deliverables are provided in requested formats and resolutions to suit requested types of media application.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 5


Need more changes? No problem.

Often projects evolve as the CGI process proceeds and/or completes, we appreciate this and do not wish to hamper the final results. Therefore additional amends can be added to product visualisation projects at any stage (at additional cost).

Ensuring the final results are exactly what is needed.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 6

Phase 7 - SHARE

Recommendations, referrals and future product visualisation requirements.

Client retention is vital to We Are North Made, ensuring our clients are happy with the final results of a project helps to open the door to future projects either with you directly or via recommendations and referrals.

Share the work and tag us on socials, pass on recommendations or simply Open up discussions about your next project straight away.

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photorealistic CGI visualisation workflow 7