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Motion adds a storytelling element to the way a product is presented, whilst also capturing attention and enhancing engagement. We Are North Made provides a selection of Motion based CGI services that help to ‘round out’ a product’s marketing package. CGI motion offerings are available in 2 main options, Cinemagraph and full Animation.


A mix of image and animation, Cinemagraphs can be created for large main shots or as part of a cameo shot. A feature of the scene is animated and played-back on a constant loop, creating an eye-catching piece of media that works perfectly on social media and in e-shots.


Delve into the storytelling capabilities of CGI with an animation. Move from still images to videos that capture moveable elements of a product, or orbit the product to allow the view to explore it from varying viewpoints.
Explainer videos can be created showing the product in use, its main features in motion, installation guides, etc.
Product animations work great on websites and for presentations. The storytelling element that a CGI animation offers to the product and retail sector is an incredibly successful sales tool for both B2B and B2C dealings.