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The core component of most successful visualisation projects, CG imagery works on so many levels and is key to communicate a product, idea, design, etc.

Our capabilities allow for the fulfilment of a wide variety of projects and requirements. The sub-divisions of CG image requirements can be divided as follows:

Main image

Within the CG imagery realm the core product is the main image set.

This allows for the depiction of the feature product, shown in context of a room setting.

Alternative image(s)

Alternative views of the room set and feature product(s), this showcases different angles and allows for the exploration of the complete product.

Alternative images are excellent for larger room sets that contain several feature products from a range.

Product Swap

The main room set is repurposed, with the feature products ‘swapped out’. Decor, viewing angle, lighting and all other setups remain the same as in the main shot.

Providing a side by side comparison shot of a range of products.

A must have option for any company with a large range of products, who may not want an equally large number of unique main room set images. Saves on cost whilst simultaneously streamlining marketing content.

family bathroom - product swap room setbathroom roomset - product swap


Scene redressing is the art of making a main room set look like a totally new image.

Decor and secondary products are changed for alternative options that help quickly produce more marketing content without a significant cost increase.

roomset redress cgi visualproduct room set cgi visual - redress imagery

Cameo & Detail Shots

Within the main image set, close-up views can be created. Focusing on the finer details of a product, whilst still showcasing it surrounded by relevant props.

Creating a ‘lifestyle shot’ that works amazingly in brochures, websites and on social media.

These cameo shots not only provide additional detail/information to the viewer, they also help to break-up content that may otherwise be overly imposing on a large scale.

Flat Lay

Another CG shot that can be used to introduce some visual relief to marketing content.

Key elements of the room set are laid out on a single plane to produce a creative editorial style image that works well to showcase the styling elements that have gone into the room set and the demographic that the product is aimed at.

Items such as the key product, featured colours, tiles, fabrics and surface finishes are included in the visual, creating engaging content for social media, brochures and websites. Flat-lays work especially well for visual content that employs text overlays, as negative space can be left within the Flat Lay CGI to accommodate for the message.

Cut Out

Very useful for product marketing, Cut-Out product CGI shots allow the feature product of a scene to be picked out and shown individually within a white or transparent space.

Varying angles of the product can be shown, front, side, perspective, etc.

Provides useful imagery to be used in online or printed brochures/catalogues. Allowing the product range to be shown and compared quickly.

Stylist Services

Professional interior styling services are a key requirement for most visualisation projects.

North Made Studio provide stylist services for our clients who do not handle it internally.

The specialist skills of an interior stylist, their knowledge and experience helps to assist the projects in many areas. Mood boards, style boards and illustrations are all produced to guide the process and ensure the brief it met as accurately as possible.

Our stylists work closely with the visualisation team, giving feedback and direction, allowing the studio to provide improved quality, with correct composition, accurate brand identity and an editorial look & feel.