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The world of CGI allows for almost endless possibilities, interactive CGI solutions provide an added layer to the user experience of a product.

Allowing the viewer to not just see a product, but experience it on a higher level.

In many ways an interactive CGI representation of a product can provide a better user experience than seeing and interacting with the product in the real-world. Product features or ranges can be explored and tested out by the user, allowing large ranges to be strongly promoted to a wider audience.

Our interactive CGI services are also mainly based online, allowing for greater accessibility, repeat viewing and a ‘pick up and play’ type of experience.


One of the most useful interactive CGI services available, virtual configurators allow CG images to be utilised in innovative ways that allow users to opportunity ‘try before the buy’. Configurators allow elements with a CGI scene to be changed for alternative versions. Ranges of products can be shown within a scene, changing colour and finish options. The possibilities for virtual configurators are huge, almost every important feature of a scene can be made configurable.
CGI configurators allow the user to create their own version of the scene, visualising the product(s) in their own way, whilst also adding a fun ‘play’ factor to the viewing experience.
The solution can be utilised via an app or website, as well as offline via interactive display kiosks.

360 rotation

Product spinners allow the product to be created in 360 degrees and placed on an interactive plane, giving the user the ability to rotate the product and view it from all angles.

The ability to rotate the product allows for greater exploration of the product by the user leading to a higher level of engagement.
These rotatable products work perfectly online, allowing them to simply be embedded into a website and used by the end consumer.


Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality offer huge advantages to the product marketing sector. Creating products within virtual environments allows for them to be showcased on a totally individual basis, interacted with and experienced in a very engaging way.

Product CGI within Augmented Reality shows a mix between real and virtual world. AR works especially well within the retail sector, as a product can be added to a real-world setting in real-time. Allowing the viewer to see the product included with their own home. Giving them the opportunity to move around the space naturally, whilst seeing the product from varying angles. Changing colours of the product, switching on features, etc.

VR and AR are not new technologies, but we are only just scratching the surface on the scope of what they can be utilised for.

App and Web based solutions

Getting the end product to the viewer can be difficult, to simplify this North Made Studio offer various solutions to provide systems that will allow for the distribution of the content we produce.

Online and offline application building is a dark art that is often required to create the most engaging method of share new content.