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The floor and wall covering sector surged by an impressive 11.1% in 2022, amassing a staggering revenue of £3.8 billion!

Flooring, often overlooked, but not by us.

We fully grasp its significance in the UK economy and the projected expansion in the coming years. With such remarkable figures and growth, distinguishing yourself from the competition becomes crucial to capturing attention, and that’s precisely where we step in to assist you.

You might wonder, “Why should I use CGIs to market my flooring range?”

The answer is straightforward. CGIs enable you to bring your product to market in half the time compared to conventional methods. Moreover, we offer the flexibility to customise the photography or visuals according to your specific preferences, as we create the content within a virtual environment. The possibilities are boundless, allowing you to showcase your flooring products in the most captivating and appealing manner. Embrace the efficiency and creativity of CGIs to take your marketing to new heights!

North Made Studio stands as the ideal choice for creating CGIs in this market.

Our team comprises skilled interior stylists, designers, 3D modellers, and project managers. With this diverse expertise, we provide comprehensive guidance from inception to completion, delivering top-notch content that will impress you at a price that will delight you.

Take a moment to peruse

A carefully curated selection of examples from diverse projects and satisfied clients who have experienced increased revenue through our exceptional work. These examples encompass an array of room sets, captivating hero shots, engaging cameos, and dynamic cinema-graphs that demonstrate the breadth of our capabilities. Witness the impact we can make on your marketing endeavours, and let us elevate your brand to new heights.


polyflor nursery cgi product visualisation 3d manchester creative content works

polyflor residential cameo shot ccw manchester pr shot

polyflor care home flooring room set with interior design ccw image foundry

cameo residential flooring shot london ccw image found


polyflor interior 3d visual product kbb interior space ccw

polyflor medical environment 3d visual kbb ccw content


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