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A flat lay is an image shot from above, similar to a birds eye view, showing all products in one shot. Flat lay shots have a very distinct look and the bird’s eye perspective is certainly design defining. Flat lays often have one product as the main focus, with other products surrounding it. Other times, there is no specific product as the main focus, just several different products shown together that would make up a room set.


Flat lays are a great way to show off a variety of products and will make products appear neat and organised laid out. By using Flat Lays, your products can be arranged creatively to fit in with any style you like, you can create an eye-catching layout of your product(s) and you can rearrange the order and layout of the products at any given time for a different look. 


We are North Made Studio, an architectural visualisation studio in Manchester. We specialise in offering our clients CGI and 3D visualisations of products, properties and other scenes.

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