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CGI is certainly a key element required in your product marketing.
Unless you are marketing an existing product, CGI images of your product close up and from different angles are essential.
Without the use of CGI, you would have minimal visual details and information to begin working with your potential clients.


Relying on 2D drawings will not look as finalised and keep you as satisfied as using CGI. CGI will give you the most realistic idea of how your product will look when it’s completed. CGI imagery definitely gives off a wow factor effect to customers, allowing businesses to potentially raise the prices for their products. 

CGI images could also attract new customers to your business and be interested in your future product.


CGI is still not extensively used in product marketing, but it is gradually becoming more popular with many well established companies beginning to use it. Using CGI to market your product will keep your company looking modern, fresh and will keep buyers confident in purchasing from you. Showing that you are using modern high-tech services will certainly benefit your company going forward.


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